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An essential requirement for the protection of the architectural heritage of Athens and of all cities is the complete and systematic record. MONUMENTA, recognizing the importance of recording, began in 2013 the two-year project «Recording and Promotion of the 19th and 20th century’s buildings in Athens» with the exclusive donation of the foundation «STAVROS NIARCHOS«.
The main objectives of this program are to research and to record all the buildings of the period 1830-1940, in order to study, protect and promote them. Moreover, the Program aims to integrate the architecture in the daily life of residents and visitors of the city, with many activities and events (trainings, workshops, tours, cycling, website, brochures, etc.) and with active participation at the recording and information about buildings.
The program coordinates and implements a team of archaeologists and architects specialized in the management and protection of monuments, in collaboration with a large number of volunteers. The researchers / coordinators are in contact with the relevant bearers of protection and with those bearers, who have already done recordings of buildings and they still have the archival material.

The project’s website:
The website, which is implemented with Open Source Software (OSS), will be ready soon and will be a tool for the research, protection and promotion of the architecture of Athens. Furthermore, this website will consist a database, freely accessible, which will be a source of information, for recording buildings.

Group of Researchers / Coordinators : E. Gratsia, St. Lekakis (archaeologists), G. Goumopoulou, G. Ninos, F. Belliou, Z. Pittakidis (architects)
Scientific Advisors: El. Maistru (Professor NTUA), A. Simeon (architect – urban planner), G. Tzirtzilakis (Professor of Architecture University of Volos), P. Tournikiotis (Professor NTUA).

Participation in the program
Those who are interested in researching the architecture of Athens and the experience of recording may participate as volunteers / partners in the recording and data collection. (213 0023342, 6973308857, info@monumenta.org)

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